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The server is now updated to 1.6.1. The Server Launcher does not work with the new Minecraft launcher (due to either lack of features or lack of documentation, I can’t tell which yet), so if you were using that to launch the server from the web, you will need to use the actual launcher. Sorry.


Thanks for playing on the server and not spamming me too much about updating! I hope there are no big issues with this build, but if there are, I apologize in advance.


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Dominoed says:


Dominoed says:

Or not…

Cadmiun says:

There are problems with the build. Some major, some minor. A lot of features were nice but a letdown at the same time. Thanks for the update, though, I think the main goal of a lot of players today was hunting for horses!

Jaakeup says:

I don’t understand how to play on the server anymore. First off, it was a real hassle even TRYING to download everything since I never use chrome, and then I download everything and that all ends up being completely useless. I don’t know what to do right now. I really enjoy the server but ever since you updated it to 1.6, I can’t connect anymore! If you could make some sort of video tutorial or a tutorial in general, that would be great for me. Please and Thank you!

masonsbro says:

I’m really sorry for the confusion!

You don’t need the Server Launcher program and chrome extension to connect to the server, you can always connect the old-fashioned way with the Minecraft launcher: Just click Multiplayer, then Add Server, then enter

The new Minecraft launcher breaks the Server Launcher, so that won’t work anymore until there’s some more documentation or something anyway.

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