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Donor Event Information


The donor event will be held this Saturday, August 9, at 2:00 PM Central Time. We will be playing a Minecraft version of Trouble in Terrorist Town on (1.7.9). The event is open to those who have donated $5 or more since June 28 (plus redred360 because he donated just a few days before that). If you have not donated yet, you still have 3 days. The window ends this Friday.


Thanks for supporting the server!


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Moderator Names


For the longest time (whoa, oh, oh, oh. for the longest time.), moderator names were blue in the server chat. Then the mods collectively campaigned for gold names, which they got (well, orange). Now they want to change again.


Some people want to go back to the old blue, and others want to change to dark aqua (see the colors on the Minecraft wiki). Which do you think we should do?


This poll will end on/around July 14. I don’t want to mess with timezone stuff so I think it’s midnight UTC.


Which color should moderator names be?

  • Blue (59%, 33 Votes)
  • Dark Aqua (41%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 56

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Fundraiser and Server Event


The server has problems. It crashes frequently, and I don’t have full control over how it runs. That’s because we use HostHorde. I don’t like using HostHorde; I would rather use a dedicated server so that I’m in full control of every aspect of the server. Unfortunately, a dedicated server would cost about twice as much as the current server. If we switched to a dedicated server with the funds and donation rate we have today, we could only last 4 months.


I will take some of the responsibility for the lack of donations recently. Much of the reason that people haven’t donated is that most of the people that play on the server and plan on donating already have. So, if we want more donations, we need more players. If we want more players, we need to update to 1.7.9. It’s my fault that we haven’t done that yet. Furthermore, some of the people that have already donated would donate again if they had a reason to do so. I haven’t provided that reason.


Now, I’m providing a reason: there will be a server event on August 9. That’s in 6 weeks. Anyone who donates $5 or more between now and August 8 (one day before the event) will get to participate. This time, there are no team sign-ups. That’s because I’d like to hold a special type of event. This event will require a special plugin, which I’ll have to write. If I can’t finish the plugin in time (I will be gone for 3 weeks in July for a summer camp), we will do UHC or a PvP map instead, with random teams. Because I haven’t yet finished the custom plugin, I don’t want to reveal the special event yet, in case I don’t finish in time. I don’t want to let you guys down.


So, you can donate $5 or more any time between today and August 8 to participate in the event. Funds raised during this period will go toward getting a dedicated server at some point in the future. I will change everyone’s name to the regular green color in chat and donors that qualify for the event will get the dark green.


Thanks for supporting the server!


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Donation policy changes (but not really)


Mojang has just posted the following article on their blog:


We are, and always have been, operating in accordance with these rules. We don’t offer any pay-to-win features for donors. Well, sort of. Mojang has not given very clear-cut guidelines. Donors get protected lang… but that only gives them proactive rather than retroactive protection from griefers. In my mind, that’s not any kind of “gameplay advantage”. In fact, since our server is not competitive in any way, it would be difficult to offer a “gameplay advantage”. The only donation benefit that could be considered in violation of the EULA is the use of OnTime. For now, we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing. As far as I’m concerned, seeing playtime statistics is in no way part of “gameplay”.




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Reminder: UHC Teams!


I’d like to remind everyone that if you have donated $5 or more in the past and you want to participate in tomorrow’s UHC, you MUST email me with your team members by TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT CDT.


I have received one full team so far: lordplato92, finchbird, and Hemera are on a team. Remember that in order for your team to be registered, EVERY MEMBER must email me or message me on Reddit with the full team roster. To reiterate, if one person sends an email, it’s not enough. Everyone has to do so.


It’s not going to be a very fun UHC with only one team. If you want to join but can’t find a team, register solo! But you HAVE to send me an email telling me that you are planning to do so.


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UHC Voting Ended


Hello, everyone!


Voting has ended for the people who donated this month.


Anyone who has donated at any time in the past is able to participate in the Ultra Hardcore event on February 1. Following is a summary of the winning options for the game:


  • 1:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM GMT
  • Teams chosen in advance
  • Teams of 1-3
  • Map size of 3000 x 3000 blocks
  • Tunneling under Y=40 not allowed


In order to be able to enforce the tunneling rule, I will not be participating in this UHC. I will be invisible and cycling through each of the players so that I can make sure that no one is cheating. The first offense will result in a warning and the second will result in a disqualification for your whole team.


If you’d like to participate in this event, you’ll need to find a team (or enter by yourself). To enter the event, send me an email at The subject of the email should be “UHC”. Please include all members of your team in the email, or just yourself if it’s just you. IMPORTANT: All team members must email me with the same team list. This is to ensure that everyone agrees on their team.


If you don’t email me (or message me on Reddit, /u/masonsbro) by midnight CST on February 1, you will not be able to participate.


Thanks again for helping us reach our goal! Stay tuned for another fundraiser in February or March!


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Attention Donors of January


If you would like to help make some important decisions about the UHC event on February 1, please email with answers to the following questions. Responses will be weighted based on how much the person has donated this month. Remember, the fundraiser is still going on (even though we’ve reached our goal), so if you haven’t donated yet this month but you want to have any input in the following questions, feel free to do so now!


And, as a reminder, everyone who has ever donated to the server gets to participate in the UHC event; however, only the January donors get to help decide the following topics.


1. What time of day should the event occur? The event can be expected to last 3 to 5 hours. (All times are CST / GMT)

  • 11:00 AM / 5:00 PM
  • 12:00 PM / 6:00 PM
  • 1:00 PM / 7:00 PM
  • 2:00 PM / 8:00 PM

2. Should players play individually (free-for-all) or in teams?

  • Solo
  • Random teams
  • Chosen teams

3. If we do teams, what size should they be? (Answer this question regardless of your answer to the previous question)

  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

4. What size, in blocks, should the map be?

  • 2000 x 2000
  • 3000 x 3000
  • 4000 x 4000
  • 1 x 9001 (2D UHC)

5. Should tunneling be allowed (mining for resources)? If not, people must explore caves and not dig randomly or in search of resources below Y=40.

  • Yes, tunneling should be allowed
  • No, tunneling should not be allowed


I would like to say thanks to all the donors that helped us reach our goal this month, and I hope we can reach our ultimate goal of a dedicated server soon!


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January Goal Reached!


We’ve raised $100 in donations! That means that all donors (from all time, not just this month) will be able to participate in a UHC event on February 1.


Thanks to all the donors for supporting the server!


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January Update


Happy New Year Pearland nerds!


This month we will be running ads once again. We will be running the usual 2 on:

  • Saturday, January 11
  • Saturday, January 25


Our goal for this year is to save enough money to upgrade to a dedicated server. In order to reach this goal, we will be holding a series of fundraisers.  This month, if we raise $100 in donations, we will be holding a ultra hardcore event for the donors on February first. Click here for more information.


Don’t forget to submit pictures to Featured Builds!


Our 4th spawn should be set soon. It is located at x: 24100 z:14330.


And that’s January! Have a great month and a wonderful year!


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The moderators and I met on December 28 to discuss, among many other subjects, possible ways to raise funds for the server. We came up with several good ideas. The first fundraiser is taking place during the month of January.


There will be an Ultra Hardcore event held on Saturday, February 1 — IF we receive $100 in donations during the month of January. And the UHC event will be open to donors only. If you want to support the event, make sure to donate! If you have donated in the past but do not donate in the month of January and we do reach our goal, you may still participate in the event — it’s open to all donors, not just those who donated for the fundraiser.


Those who donate during the 31-day period will also get a say in how the event is run: teams or solo? team sizes? map size?


If we don’t raise $100 by January 31, there will unfortunately not be a UHC event.


I would like to make clear that this is a fundraiser for the server. Any donations made during the fundraiser are just that: donations. They are non-refundable and you are donating for the good of the server. If the $100 goal is not met, I will not be refunding any donations. Also: donations made during the fundraiser still count for the in-game benefits (colored name, protected regions, creative server).


I hope we reach this goal! I’d love to play UHC again with you guys! And stay tuned after January for other fundraising opportunities!


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